April 7, 2000


April 7, 2000



The snow is just about gone, the ground is thawing, the rains have come, therefore, it must be mud season in New Hampshire!  The true spring season will soon follow, and with it several activities of our organization.  Read on to find out more on what is happening with SENH!

May 16, 2000 Membership Meeting (Annual Meeting)

The annual membership meeting this year will be held at C.R. Sparks in Bedford, NH Our guest speaker will be Mr. David Scott, P.E. of the New Hampshire Department of Transportation.  Mr. Scott will discuss the NHDOTs use of fiber-reinforced plastic in concrete bridges.  Mr. Mark Richardson, P.E. the new Administrator for the Bureau of Bridge Design will also be present and make a few remarks.  More information on this meeting including cost, reservations, etc. is included in this mailing.

March 14, 2000 Membership Meeting

Our March meeting was held in Manchester, NH at Fratellos Restaurant.  This was a joint meeting with the New Hampshire Section of AIA.   This meeting was attended by over 50 members from the structural engineering community and 30 members from the architectural community. Our guest speaker Mr. Dan McDonald gave a very enlightening presentation on "Selling Value for Increased Revenues and Profits".  Minutes of this meeting are included in this mailing for your review.

IBCO Seminar

Last call for the International Building Code Officials Administration (IBCO), seminar. This one-day seminar will cover the structural provisions (chapters 16 through 23) of the new IBCO Code.  Seminar dates and locations are; May 3rd Portland, Maine, May 4th White River Junction, Vermont, and May 5th Boston, MA.  As an SENH member, you can attend this seminar at the IBCO rate, a 15% discount.  For more information check out the IBCO Website at www.ICBO.org.

NCSEA Structural Awards Program

Last call for entries to the NCSEA Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards Program.   The program recognizes outstanding Projects and Publications in the structural engineering field.

SENH encourages our membership to enter this prestigious awards program.  A 1 to 2 page abstract must be submitted to the Board no later than May 12th.  SENH will pay all entry fees for each entry chosen by the Board to represent New Hampshire.  For more information in this program go to the NCSEA website at www.ncsea.com.

ACI 318-99 Seminar

SENH is officially announcing sponsorship of a seminar on the new ACI 318-99 code.   This seminar will be held on June 15th at the Highlander Inn in Manchester, New Hampshire.  This one-day seminar will be provided at a substantial reduced cost to our members over the normal ACI seminar price.  Also you will be able to purchase ACI reference material and publications at a substantially reduced price.  Registration information is included in this mailing.

Registration for this seminar is on a first come, first served, basis.  Seating is limited! We expect to fill this seminar! If you wish to attend this seminar register early in order to assure a seat and to receive ACI publications.

Board of Directors Vacancies

Two vacancies will occur on the Board of Directors this June.  No nominations have been received from the membership, therefore the Board nominees of Dennis LaBombard, P.E. of LaBombard Engineering and Matthew J. Low, P.E. of Hoyle, Tanner & Associates, Inc. will be voted upon at the annual meeting.

Steel Structures Technology Center Handbook

Enclosed you will find information on the new "Structural Weld and Quality Handbook" recently published by the Steel Structures Technology Center.  The center offers other reference material on welding and bolting of steel connections.

Parting Thoughts

As you may well know, I will be retiring from the Board of Directors as the last of the five Founding Directors and as your President this June.  In accordance with our By-laws this retirement is mandatory, in that no Director can hold office for more than 6 years (3 consecutive 2 year terms).

As I look back on the 7 years I have been associated with SENH, I see an Organization that has grown substantially, and has established itself as an Organization that serves the needs of its Members very well.

I do not leave the Board with any reservations.  It is time to turn over the leadership of our Organization to the current Board and the new Board Members.  The Board is a very hardworking and dedicated group, as well as our Committee Members.  It is this dedication that has made SENH such a success.

I have enjoyed serving SENH and you, its Members.  I will continue to be involved and I look forward to seeing you at our meetings.  I hope that you, the Members, will continue to volunteer for Director and Committee positions.  It is your support and involvement that has made SENH a success.



Robert H. Durfee, P.E.

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